Welcome to HairArt's New and Improved Site!

Dec 31 , 2018

HairArt Int'l Inc.

Welcome to HairArt's New and Improved Site!


2019 is all about helping make everything smoother for you, our valued partners.


Welcome (back) and thank you for being a loyal HairArt website user, we've got some new and exciting things in the works for you!

We're launching this all new Hairartproducts.com site and are working on making it a comprehensive one-stop purchasing experience for you, our loyal Salons, Distributors and HairArt product loving beauty educators.

 What we have in the works for early 2019 on this new site:

1. Salon & Distributor login and pricing
2. Rich educational content to help you or help you help your customers better use HairArt's line of products
3. Real-time expedited shipping calculations
4. Expanded international shipping 

And much much more!

Thank you for your support and we hope this new sites serves you, our partners much better. 

-The HairArt Int'l Inc. Family


**If you find any site issues or have any questions, please contact us via the form on this site and we'll take care of getting you answers.