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Break down silos, build collaboration with InnerSource

Build a thriving software development community within your organization

Bitergia Services for Supporting InnerSource

Using our InnerSource Framework and Analytics Tools we can help you to break down silos and build collaboration with full visibility of what’s hot and what’s not.

bitergia analytics management

Strategy and Launch

Define vision, goals and strategy, establish organizational structure for success
bitergia analytics evangelization

Relationships and Communication

Breakdown silos, develop a collaborative culture across distributed teams
bitergia analytics maturity level

Internal Services Development

Implement best ‘open’ practices with policies, guidelines, tooling and automation
bitergia analytics dynamics

Measure and Report

Leading metrics platform to view and report on how collaboration is happening within projects and across teams

Accelerate internal transformation with our InnerSource collaboration model

We make it easier for you to bring the best open practices to suit your organization, strengthen communication and knowledge sharing across distributed teams and have full transparency, insights and understanding using best in class metrics.
bitergia analytics services cycle

Bitergia has developed a proprietary framework to help you bring the best of open collaborative methods into your organization. We help you to:

  • Define the vision, goals, strategy for your open software development culture
  • Conduct an ‘As Is’ assessment and apply our InnerSource maturity model to set the direction and parameters for success
  • Select and implement the right tools (development, communication, community) and automation
  • Select seed project(s) to begin the journey
  • Implement the organizational model, roles and responsibility required
  • Establish compliance and process review, ensure security and best practices
  • Implement a centralized development platform
  • Build and manage internal community
  • Implement code review culture
  • Promote developer advocacy
  • Establish a metrics and reporting strategy with custom dashboards

Bitergia’s analytics platform pulls data from 30+ sources and uniquely focuses on collaboration and processes so you can understand what is happening within your projects. Report on:

  • Projects, community, contributions, and process flows
  • Get real data and insights to improve decision making
  • Evaluate and manage risk
  • Manage and monitor your developing InnerSource ecosystem
  • Report against KPIs and OKRs

Bitergia can offer it as a service by acting as your ISPO or InnerSource Program Office. This service is offered on a time phased basis:

  • Month 1-3 to assess the organization readiness and strategy needed to achieve results
  • Month 4-12 will see us Build the ISPO; Generate and implement Guidelines; Foster open source software culture; Establish policies for intellectual property management; Implement Self InnerSource Assessment
  • Identification and recruitment, training and upskilling of your ISPO team throughout the process
  • Month 12 or as agreed for handover to your internal team

We can help your development teams work in a more open culture through:

  • ‘How to’ workshops and tutorials
  • Application of common methodologies and processes
  • Metrics workshops and tutorials to report on cross-team contributions and track process adoption
  • Guidance on internal community building and evangelization
Some of our Customers
yocto project
Open container initiative
johns hopkins university
the apache software foundation
wikimedia foundation
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