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Build your OSPO

Reduce risk, build collaboration and increase reputation with Open Source Program Offices

Bitergia Services for OSPO

Use our Open Source Program Office (OSPO) Framework and Analytics Tool to develop the culture and best practices that support OSS, effectively engage with the OSS ecosystem and contribute to its sustainability

bitergia analytics community

OSPO strategy and development

Deliver the right OSS strategy and framework for your business

bitergia analytics management

Relationships and communication

Bridge community and internal teams and evolve a more productive open culture

Internal services development

Define policies, ensure security, implement OSPO tooling and processes

Measure and support

Market leading metrics and reporting tool to manage projects and engage community

Develop a healthy, sustainable Open Source ecosystem

We can accelerate your open source journey. Whether you already have an OSS strategy in place, or know you need one, Bitergia has the tools, processes, models and experience to help you build successful workflows, relationships and reputation within the open source ecosystem.


We provide the tools, people, processes and quality models to help you:

  • Develop your own open source ecosystem
  • Build knowledge and understanding of how to deliver open projects
  • Become a good OS citizen
  • Increase your tech reputation
  • Deliver consistent contributions with less risk to your business

We are leading the way with open source analytics providing you with:

  • Metrics and reporting on projects, community, contributions and process flows
  • Data and insights to improve decision making
  • Projects Health dashboard – centralized data from 30+ data sources on your OSS development projects

We make it easier to get your OSPO up and running with:

  • Our OSPO framework
  • Metrics from our platform that give your stakeholders visibility and build understanding of collaborative projects
  • A highly experienced implementation team to bring common OSS strategies and methodologies into your organization
  • Help to engage with external contributors from the open source community
  • Training to upskill your internal team to run the OSPO within an agreed timeframe

We can help your development teams work in a more open culture through:

  • ‘How to’ OSS workshops and tutorials
  • Application of common OSS methodologies and processes
  • Metrics workshops and tutorials to report on contributions (internal and external) and track process adoption
  • Guidance on community building and evangelization
Some of our Customers
yocto project
Open container initiative
johns hopkins university
the apache software foundation
wikimedia foundation
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