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Building stronger community relationships with Bitergia Analytics

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Growing an open source foundation with Bitergia Analytics

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Uber Open Source

Open Source ecosystem analysis with Bitergia Analytics

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The Linux Foundation OPNFV community engagement analysis

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Improving membership management with Bitergia Analytics

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Understanding the developer journey with Bitergia Analytics

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Analyzing cross-community ecosystems with Bitergia Analytics

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Turn data intro actionable insights with the OS Ecosystem Report

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  • Analyzing open source technology adoption with Bitergia Analytics

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Understanding company leadership and influence with Bitergia Analytics

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Guide investment decisions within OSS Ecosystems with Bitergia Analytics

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Bitergia Reports & Infographics

Reports and infographics created by Bitergia, partners, customers, or the Bitergia Analytics community with data produced by our platform resources.


Open Source Community Response to COVID-19

Self-organized open collaboration scales worldwide and around the clock to fight COVID-19

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Mozilla & The Rebel Alliance

An interactive network representation of Mozilla’s contributor communities

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uber (1)

Uber Community Report

Uber worldwide open source software community distribution up to March 2019

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Implementing InnerSource Metrics – InnerSource Commons Community Call March 2023

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Increasing the Resilience of Open Source Upstreams with Community Metrics

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Cross-community Collaboration

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Open Source Community Health and Analytis

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InnerSource and Remote Collaboration

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OSPO metrics journey for open source sustainability

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4 pages brouchure of Bitergia Analytics services for companies adopting, or willing to adopt, InnerSource practices and methodologies