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About Bitergia

Bitergia helps companies improve the ROI of their software development projects by providing tools and knowledge to improve decision making. It specializes in analyzing software development projects and its core platform is 100% open source. 

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Our Mission

Empower our customers in the understanding, management, and decision-making process of software development projects.

Our Vision

Become the standard in the industry to analyze software development projects. Lower the barriers to adopting, using, and making decisions based on software development analytics data using open source tools.


What we at Bitergia believe in above all else.

Our values are based on three main aspects:

Freedom, Openness, and Transparency

We believe in free, open source software development as the path to trustworthiness, innovation, and collaboration. Bitergia’s technology has been and always will be 100% free, open source software. Also, we support events and initiatives related to free, open source software by sponsoring initiatives and participating as speakers or attendees in several events.

Worldwide Awareness

Worldwide and the global market is our target as a company. Think big and act locally. Cultural differences are a challenge, but a good one that enriches everyone in Bitergia. There are (open source/corporate) development projects out there everywhere. We can help each of them and have helped some of them.

Community Driven

We behave as a community with our colleagues, partners, and customers. Only with a strong community around our vision shall we reach our mission.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Our History

Celebrating 10 years in Business!
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Bitergia continues to grow in the software development industry, reaching 10 years providing services, tools and knowledge to improve decision making. So, we want to say thank you to all the people who got involved from the beginning, all the Bitergians who worked during these years to build the company that it is now, the trust of our clients and partners, and the communities we are part of. Cheers for another 10 years of more software development analytics!

Growing Against all Odds
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While COVID-19 strikes industries worldwide, Bitergia continues to grow and provide competitive analytics solutions for Software Development at Scale and cross-community collaboration. By mid-2020, Bitergia starts working with two of the biggest cloud providers, Google and Amazon, to help their OSPOs with data-driven management of the open source software projects that matter to them. And by 2021, Bitergia becomes an official partner of the InnerSource Commons.

Expanding Around the World

Bitergia expands its team to improve worldwide service capacity and new Bitergians around the world join the nest. We keep growing and providing value to new markets not only for open source development analytics, but also for InnerSource and software development communities & processes inside corporations. Finally, Bitergia releases Cauldron, an open source SaaS solution to get information about the projects that matter to managers and developers.

2017 - 2018
Building a Community

Bitergia completes the transition from its legacy open source code to a new project: GrimoireLab. In September 2017, the Linux Foundation announces the CHAOSS (Community Health Analytics for Open Source Software) project with Bitergia as one of the founding members, and GrimoireLab as Bitergia’s contribution to the project. By the same year, Bitergia starts to be very active in the new InnerSource Commons community.

2015 - 2016
Advocating for Open Source

Bitergia becomes a household name for analyzing open source development and is working with some of the most important foundations like OpenStack, Mozilla, and The Linux Foundation. The team promotes the idea of forging a community around FLOSS Community Metrics and organizes the first meeting in Puppet Inc offices in Portland during July 2015.

2012 - 2014
Starting Bitergia

After years of researching and analyzing open source software communities and development processes, members of the research team LibreSoft founded Bitergia. The idea didn't start in a garage but in coffee meetings at¬†Tio Eulogio¬†cafeteria in Madrid, Spain. On Feb, 9th, 2012 √Ālvaro del Castillo tweeted¬†‚ÄúBit, bit, something is booting‚ÄĚ. Liferay Inc. and the OpenStack Foundation are the two first customers

2004 - 2012
Research and Development

The LibreSoft research team at the University Rey Juan Carlos in Spain builds tools for analyzing software development projects. For the rigor of their science and to allow replicability of their work, the team release all software under an open source license and validates results with industry experts.

Meet our Bitergians

The Bitergia team has 15+ years experience in research focused on collaborative software development methodologies and software development quality models. Our specialized team has been working with a wide variety of companies and organizations that needed actionable insights and a better understanding of the software development community and processes. You can rely on our amazing team:


COO and Founder



CEO and Co-Founder

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Director of Bitergia Research



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Frontend Developer

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Director of Sales

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Director of Consultancy

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José Javier

Software Developer

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Consultant and Founder

Bitergia - Miguel Angel Fernandez

Miguel Angel

Analytics Consultant

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Software Engineer Backend

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Junior Consultant

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Sales Support

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