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Bitergia research provides insights to open source ecosystems that go beyond the vanity metrics. With more than 15 years of experience, Bitergia is the industry leader and recognized expert for high-quality data, metrics, and insights to open source projects.
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What do you get with Bitergia Research
Bitergia Research publishes reports about Open Source Ecosystems. In those reports, you will learn about how open source projects are doing, what the contribution patterns are, collaboration between projects, and our assessment of the ecosystem’s health.

Our Research Leader: Meet Diane Mueller

We are proud to have Diane Mueller on board as Managing Director of Research and Advisory Services

Diane comes to Bitergia from Red Hat, where she was a Distinguished Community Architect and Director, Community Development for the OpenShift and Cloud Native ecosystems. She founded and lead the OpenShift Commons community and served as the co-chair of the OKD working group for the past 10 years.

Her experience with analyzing the project and the ecosystem or projects generated many ideas for other types of analytics that she did not have time for before. Now, with Bitergia Research, Diane works with industry veterans and experts to share her insightful research techniques, comprehensive reports and open source advisory services with our customers.

Diane Mueller
Diane Mueller - Managing Director Research and Adivsory Services

Let's answer them!

Bitergia Research uses publicly available data form open source projects. We go through the repositories, mailing lists archives, and other places where we have trace data from community interactions. All of this data is created by open source community members as they engage in open source projects. 

We further enhance this data with calculations and analyses. A special kind of analysis is focused on organizations involved in open source projects. 

How is this different from Bitergia Analytics?

Bitergia Analytics is an integrated portfolio of services that empowers managers and leaders to understand an open source ecosystem that they care about. Our customers don’t usually have the time to extend their analysis to other ecosystems and assess open source at a larger scale. 

This is where Bitergia Research fills the gap and offers more in-depth and broader analyses of open source ecosystems. Bitergia Research provides the big-picture of open source ecosystems and creates comparison data for use in other kinds of analysis.

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Does Bitergia Research offer its data set for me to use?

Yes! Access to the data is included for all Bitergia customers. Please contact us with a brief description of what you’d like to use the data for and we will be happy to discuss your project and how Bitergia can support you.


We will not share, sell or rent your personal information to any third party. You may read our complete privacy policy for more information.

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