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Goodbye Cauldron Cloud, join us on Bitergia Analytics!

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With a heavy heart, we are discontinuing the paid Cauldron Cloud service. We continue to offer the free Caudron.io service, but for more advanced metrics needs, we are focusing our efforts on Bitergia Analytics.

Discontinuing a product is a difficult decision, but it is necessary to remain competitive and to serve customers better. In this blog post, we will explore why we decided to say goodbye to Cauldron Cloud, highlight the best achievements we got with it, and the next steps ahead.

Reasons for Discontinuing Cauldron Cloud

There are several reasons why Bitergia chose to discontinue the paid Cauldron Cloud, including:

  1. Poor sales: We had some customers for Cauldron Cloud and were hopeful in the beginning, but we didn’t have sales beyond early adopters. 
  2. Product obsolescence: We are taking lessons learned with Cauldron Cloud and improving our Bitergia Analytics service, making Cauldron Cloud obsolete.
  3. Quality concerns: Because of poor sales, we discontinued investing in Cauldron Cloud and no longer feel comfortable offering the unmaintained service.
  4. No users: There are no active users of Cauldron Cloud, and discontinuing the service will have zero impact on customers.
  5. Resource allocation: Maintaining a service that is not used and doesn’t generate revenue is a waste of resources. By discontinuing Cauldron Cloud, we are freeing up resources to invest in new features in Bitergia Analytics.

What’s next?

Cauldron Cloud was a testbed for new technologies and ideas finding their way into Bitergia Analytics. Cauldron Cloud was our first exploration of OpenSearch technology which will be the new foundation of Bitergia Analytics. We also innovated on the metrics visualizations and presentations, which are informing our ideas on where to take Bitergia Analytics in the future. Finally, Cauldron Cloud was the first service we offered with an easy to use credit card subscription, and we will bring this to Bitergia Analytics to simplify procurement for our customers.

In summary, discontinuing Cauldron Cloud enables us to focus on the service that our customers are using and paying for. It was a good journey, and we learned a lot from Cauldron Cloud. For anyone looking for the best-in-class open source metrics, we continue to improve our Bitergia Analytics service.

About Bitergia Analytics

Bitergia Analytics is a complete solution to get full insights into software development projects. It is a comprehensive solution that includes an analytics platform, training, support, and consultancy to make the most use of it.

Customers of the Bitergia Analytics services can reach their goals and make data-driven decisions about their software development teams. In fact, they can achieve this through the 4 services: Strategy, Customization, Analysis, and Reporting.

So, Bitergia Analytics is your best deal if you’re interested in a full-service offer that includes training, customization, strategy consultancy, and support, start by scheduling a demo.

Emilio Galeano Gryciuk

Emilio Galeano Gryciuk

Marketing Specialist at Bitergia

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